Keeping yourself cool in the scorching summer months does not have to be at the detriment of the environment.

The acknowledgement of climate change has existed for well over a decade with a multitude of technological advances playing a hand at worsening the greenhouse effect. In depth research found

that, amongst other contributors, greenhouse gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) emitted into the atmosphere have played a great part in causing damage to the earth’s atmosphere. With the introduction of air conditioning units roughly 40 years ago, conditions have not improved. As global summer conditions continue to increase, so does the need to stay cool. That’s where the trusty air conditioning unit comes in handy, to the consternation of environmentalists.

The problem with air conditioning units is that they propel large amounts of hot air from the inside of a building, directly into the atmosphere, which is already fairly warm. The additional heat increases the temperatures of already hot areas. Air conditioning units also emit the powerful HCFC gases. With the technology becoming more accessible to the average Joe, one can see how this can be a major problem.

It could be considered near impossible for some people to survive without air cooling units altogether. To combat this, as with any other technologies, energy conscious versions have been introduced onto the market. You can now stay cool, guilt free.

Is my air-conditioner causing global warming?

Simply put, yes it is. But so is the carbon dioxide that you breathe out into the atmosphere every day.

The HCFCs emitted by air conditioning units also represent just a small quota of all contributing greenhouse gases. The great news is that you can use your air conditioner unit completely guilt free. Why? Because optimally functioning units that are in good condition will not emit any HCFCs into the atmosphere. Knowing when to replace your unit will go a long way toward keeping emission to a minimum. With high-quality Daikin products, that have had their full lifecycle taken into consideration through thorough environmental testing, you can’t go wrong.

Responding to climate change

The way in which air conditioners work has changed significantly in previous years. Manufacturers have become energy conscious, proactively working toward innovations and solutions for regulating and reducing gases emitted as a result of the air exchange system. Daikin places specific emphasis on reducing its environmental footprint and the effects of their products on the atmosphere.

The Daikin range of products is comprehensively manufactured to have a low-global-warming-impact. Aged air-cooling systems use up to 46% more energy than their newer versions. This means that maintenance costs included, this can be very pricey. Total Kooling Solutions not only maintain your Daikin air conditioning systems at competitive prices, we also offer new cooling systems that save costs and feature eco-friendly controls and characteristics previously not available in older models fitted years ago.

If your living space is smaller, this allows for a much smaller air conditioning unit. Daikin products now include a compact range of air conditioning units, suitable for compact modern spaces seen in high density cities. These products offer adaptable designs, making ample use of available space. Coupled with the quality workmanship delivered by qualified air conditioning mechanics and professionals, you are guaranteed an ideally functioning air-cooling system.

Daikin ventilation products are optimally created to sustain air quality indoors, by delivering ample concentrations of crisp, humid air. Inverter technology built into Daikin products further reduces energy consumption by approximately 58%, and in turn, reduced CO2 emissions. Choose from a range of products such as ducted air conditioning systems or split system air conditioning.

Total Kooling Solutions offers you the best in superior, inexpensive air conditioning services in Perth. The guilt-free Daikin air conditioning systems are cost and energy saving with a full lifecycle support for optimally functioning units. Daikin products are user-friendly and offer advanced, intelligent technologies, such as automatic timers, smart phone control and power saving modes.

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