If you’re looking for air conditioning and feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of options and prices, or just don’t know where to start, we can help!

The team at Total Kooling Solutions will provide friendly, expert advice on your available options, the different system types, their features and pricing.

We’ve got a Totally Kool Solution for every home. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing home, we can provide a personally tailored solution to suit your lifestyle and budget.

From large, suburban family houses, to one bedroom inner city apartments and everything in between, every home is different and so too are the needs of those occupying it. Total Kooling Solutions will assess your actual requirements, provide you with experienced advice, design the most efficient system to suit and complete the installation to the highest of standards.


Contact or come in and see us for an initial obligation free design consultation. We’ll work with you to design the best system to meet your needs and requirements.

Where possible, we do recommend speaking to us before you start building. That way, we can review your plans & ensure any air conditioning requirements are factored into the construction. For e.g. concrete slab penetrations.

We will provide you with a written quotation, along with any drawings and instructions required by your builder or architect.

Book an obligation free, onsite consultation with us and we’ll send an experienced specialist to your home. One that has years of experience personally designing & installing air conditioning, not just a trained salesman.



New homes under construction require multiple site visits, with the installation commonly being completed in three phases. We liaise directly with the builder and yourself to ensure each stage is incorporated into the build.

First Phase ‘Pre-lay’: up to 75% of the system installation is completed, including the indoor unit/fan coil, ductwork and control wiring.

Second Phase ‘Fit-off’: once the painters have finished the ceilings, we return to site and install all of the supply air diffusers and the return air grille/s.

Third Phase ‘Controls & Commissioning’: when the build is complete, at lock-up, we can install the outdoor condensing unit, fit the controller/s and commission the system.


Our experienced, friendly team will usually complete the installation in one day, to minimise inconvenience to you. This can be arranged approximately one to two weeks from date of order.

We will remove, decommission and dispose of an existing system that’s being replaced, along with any rubbish, at our expense.


Once the installation is complete, one of our friendly team will give you a detailed run through on how to operate your system as well as proper care & maintenance.

Our service doesn’t end there! We provide ongoing after sales support. If you have any questions or concerns we are happy to assist over the phone 7 days a week