Flirting with the idea of upgrading your old air conditioner? Read our blog to find out all the benefits you could be enjoying.

Out with the Old, in with the New.

Learn the benefits of replacing your old air con with a new model

Nothing lasts forever, including your air conditioner. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. While an air conditioner’s shelf life is not indefinite, parting with one unit and purchasing a new one can give your home a new lease on life. Read on to find out whether you should be looking at replacing your old air con, and discover the benefits you can enjoy with a new unit.

When is it time to trade?

There is a time and a place for everything. The most ideal time to replace your air con is when:

  • Your utility bills have become unusually high

An inefficient and rundown air con uses more energy, resulting in higher utility bills; sometimes 40% more. The purchase of a new model might seem costly, but in the long run your lower energy bills will make it worthwhile.

  • Repairs have become frequent

This is a clear tell-tale sign. If your current unit is constantly in need of repairs and suffering from frequent breakdowns, it’s time for a replacement. Chances are it is no longer capable of operating efficiently enough to supply even the most basic cooling and heating. Time to trade.

  • You’ve expanded the footprint of your home

Originally, when your air conditioner was installed, the dimensions of your home would have been assessed. These same measurements are used as an indicator for how much capacity or cooling power is required. Therefore, if the size of your home has changed, the corresponding cooling power will also change.


Now you know when it’s time to trade the old in for the new; but what’s in it for you and your home? In short, plenty. For example, Daikin’s new Split Systems offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Energy and cost savings

When it comes to your home’s annual energy bill, every dollar counts. Replacing an old system with a new, more efficient model will result in significant savings. Current Daikin models offer superior energy efficiency ratios (E.E.R.) and coefficient of performance (C.O.P.), saving up to 46% on running costs for split systems and up to 25% for ducted systems.

  • Advanced technology

New models offer a host of advanced features, which improve comfort and efficiency. Some examples of this from the new Daikin model include:

  • Inverter technology – Advanced fan motor technology allows the air con to operate more efficiently than other models. This technology enables the desired temperature to be reached faster, and easily maintained. That means you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on running costs.


  • Less noise

Newer models have been engineered with greater comfort in mind, and this includes noise reduction. The advanced technology included in both the Split System and Ducted Air Conditioning systems now mean delivering comfort to your home is quieter than ever before.

  • Reliability

Unlike other ‘off the shelf’ brands, Daikin air conditioners use only Daikin compressors, heat exchangers, electronics, radial fans and other components specifically designed by Daikin engineers to work in perfect harmony. The result is a more durable and reliable system.

Furthermore, in contrast to a rotary compressor, the smooth operation of Daikin’s patented swing compressor reduces friction and suppresses vibration, resulting in a more durable, more efficient and quieter compressor.

  • Improved indoor air quality

A sophisticated titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter traps microscopic airborne dust particles, absorbs bacteria and viruses, and even breaks down odours.

  • Comfort

Whether you’ve set your air con to cooling or heating mode, you can expect comfort. When cooling, the advanced louvre design positions itself horizontally to prevent cold airflow from being blown directly onto the body. When heating, the louvre turns vertically downwards to drive warm air to the bottom of the room.

Daikin’s Split System Air Conditioning is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program and is the only Split System Air Conditioning System that carries the blue butterfly symbol. Other advanced features included:

  • Econo mode – Limits the maximum power consumption, helping to decrease the load on the electrical circuit when multiple electrical appliances are used simultaneously.
  • Standby power function – When not in use, the power supply to the outdoor unit is turned off and the indoor unit switches to standby mode, reducing energy consumption.
  • Intelligent eye – An infrared sensor that detects human movement. If the room is unoccupied for more than 20 minutes, the system automatically changes to energy-saving operation.


Total Kooling Solutions is proud to be Daikin’s specialist dealer for the Rockingham region.

Our commitment to providing superior customer service and premium products makes Daikin the obvious choice as our recommended brand. Built on the principle of providing air conditioning solutions that are effective, healthy and comfortable, Daikin is one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning.


From a single bedroom to the whole house, Total Kooling Solutions will not only design, supply and install a system tailored to suit your requirements; we’ll also remove, decommission and dispose of the existing system that’s being replaced, along with any rubbish, at our expense. Contact us for professional advice and installation of your new air conditioner.